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Aquatic Therapy

When appropriate, an aquatic based exercise program in conjunction with other aspects of physical therapy can help patients be more comfortable, progress quicker and enjoy their therapy sessions more than with traditional therapy alone. With an orthopedic emphasis, we utilize the pool in improving strength, balance, range of motion as well as reducing pain and managing weight-bearing limitations. The properties of the water provide many benefits including:

  • BUOYANCY: This can be used to assist, support or resist motion. It also opposes gravity to provide spinal and joint unloading.
  • HYDROSTATIC PRESSURE: This pressure helps to decrease edema by increasing venous return to the heart.
  • RESISTANCE: By varying the speed of movement, length of the lever arm or surface area we can increase the level of resistance. Special equipment can also help to provide appropriate resistance to improve strength and stability.
  • SECURITY: With a depth of 3.5 to 6 feet and special adaptive equipment, even those who can’t swim or are afraid of the water can rehabilitate comfortably and safely.