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"Dr. Whipple and the EVPT staff are the VERY best around. I credit him and this practice for being the reason I can walk. The equipment is good- the exercises are not just ones you can do at home- you’re expected to do your part (homework) at home, and when you come in they support and partner with you. The pool is an incredible bonus. Amazing place and highly recommended. "
Nov 02, 2021
"They are the best. I have gone there for years. Friendly, polite and attentive to all your needs.Professional, courteous and all around great people. The pool is so inviting for aqua therapy. Accommodates all disabilities, even in the pool! "
Jul 15, 2017
"Everyone was very helpful and Dr. Case was great!"
Jun 29, 2017
"East valley physical therapy had excellent care and friendly staff . Dr Curtis was great !"
Jun 27, 2017
"Everyone was very helpful and answered all my questions. Dr. Curtis was very understanding."
Jun 27, 2017
"Came here for failed back syndrome. Have tried regular PT at other facilities and have found them to be of little or no help. I was very impressed with this facility. Felt everyone there was very professional and caring and the aquatic portion of the treatment was very helpful for my back pain. I would highly recommend East Valley PT."
Jun 09, 2017

What Others Have to Say

Very good care and helpful with at home work also. They work with you for appointments and try to fit your schedule. Very happy with the therapy for me and my wife.

--- Robert M.

The staff is responsive and realistic. It seemed there was research and exploring to find good improvement in my health.

--- Alison V.

This therapy helped so much. I had a hip replacement and I didn't feel well, so I came here. After 6 weeks I can see a big difference. I feel much better, thank you so much!

--- Elmida A.

I've had a very good experience with EVPT. Everyone has been very helpful and my pain is almost gone. I can walk better and do garden work I wasn’t previously able to do. I will highly recommend EVPT.

--- Judy B.

It was difficult to stand up from a chair or to raise my feet enough to get in to or out of a car. All of those things are easier to do now. Everyone here has been very pleasant and nice to work with, and I appreciate their help.

--- Roxie C.

A pinching pain in the back of my right thigh began last June or July and did not improve during the months prior to my beginning PT Nov. 7th. It slowly improved during the last 3 weeks with some ups and downs. While experiencing the improvement in my thigh, my lower back on the right side began to give me problems with piercing pain at times, lifting was particularly difficult. The back exercises from Dr. Whipple have really helped. While my back was hurting, I had difficulty with housecleaning – like vacuuming, laundry, etc. and I'm now able to do these activities again.

--- Diane D.

When first starting my joints were extremely painful and swollen. My left shoulder, hips and knees were especially tight and painful. The people here were friendly, kind and considerate. Dr. Whipple was understanding and truly concerned. I feel so much better – it’s wonderful to be nearly pain-free.

--- Dianna E.

My experience has been very positive. My initial pain and discomfort has all but gone. Some activities such as long walks I can do without pain. Some sitting causes discomfort, probably bad chair, but is relieved by walking and moving around. I feel I have improved greatly. Thank you all.

--- Horace F.

Good progress especially the past week! The previous activities that caused me pain (extending arm forward/outward, laying on left shoulder side) aren’t a problem now! Great improvement!

--- Hil G.

I am impressed with the kindness and understanding of my medical problems. Individualized physical therapy has been outstanding. When I arrived I was unable to sit for a length of time on a hard wooden chair. Driving was also difficult. Now, I can perform those and other activities I need for daily living. I am still unable to walk any distance without pain – I will be seeing the doctor in 3 days. I will be continuing the exercises if additional PT is not recommended, as “you all” have taught me several helpful exercises.

--- Annabelle H.

Most of the time it was a good experience. I could hardly raise my arm at first, now I can. I am able to do a lot more with my arm now. I use it most of the time now. Everyone has been a great help. The girls are so helpful and always happy. Dr. Case is very patient with me.

--- Marcia J.

I came to therapy with severe pain in my back and hands, many times unable to walk or cook/clean house without pain. Under Dr. Whipple’s direction, I began to feel better after my first visit – both physically and mentally. The care and attention of the therapists were like no other therapy I have ever had. Most of all, a daily therapy session/chat with an actual doctor was not only helpful but made me feel “listened to” and know how to deal with my pain.

--- Carol K.

This is my second time here for rehab. I’ve had a very good experience here and accomplished my goals. Doctors here have been so helpful and everyone so friendly. Thank you!

--- Jeanine K.

I couldn’t turn my head without severe pain. I cried out in pain in the shower and in dressing. I have minimal pain now and my therapy has saved me. I had been to the chiropractor for six or more weeks with absolutely no relief.

--- Janean L.

It was very difficult to do my housework due to pain in my right shoulder and neck. Headaches and pain almost constantly. Now I can do my normal activities without pain!! The doctor, Dr. Whipple, and the entire staff are excellent and made this experience enjoyable. Thank you so much.

--- Cora M.

I was having headaches and now am headache free from neck pain. No longer have neck pain. The staff was very courteous and helpful.

--- April R.

My back had “discomfort” and some minor pain before my PT. Now, I seldom have any pain and discomfort only after standing for some time or getting out of a low bench or seat. The exercises, especially in the pool, have helped very much. Great people here at EV PT.

--- Richard S.

Great care and professional people. Allowed to sit more without the previous pain. Will continue exercising at home and health club. Thanks for your help!

--- Steve S.

My improvement in my PT experience has been modest but progressive. The staff is positive, encouraging and constantly adapts to the ever-changing needs of the patient. They listen to the patient – at least this patient – and adapt accordingly. I can’t emphasize this enough. My PT needs will most likely continue into the future given my ongoing medical issues. I wish to continue to return to this facility for ongoing future therapy and will highly recommend it to others, as this need arises.

--- Jean S.

I believe in my abilities more since being here. Dr. Whipple is very good, kind, understanding and also pushing when it is needed. I’m walking much more than before I came here. I’m also stronger and no longer afraid of steps and with Dr. Whipple and Dr. Case’s help, I learned how to take steps. Thank you for everyone’s help and understanding.

--- Katherine G.

Thank you, Dr. Curtis, and your very pleasant staff for all the wonderful care you have given me. I appreciate it - and all of you!

--- Marilyn McDaniel

Everyone was very professional, kind, and friendly, made me feel comfortable!

--- Edna Gastill

Thank you for treating me with professionalism and respect

--- Tom Rivers

Thank you so much for your patience, understanding and determination to see that Hannah recovered to the best of her ability. Thank you for everything!

--- JoNeal and Hannah

It has been some time now since I returned back to my apartment in Illinois. I think of you all often and how good you all were to me. You all did a great job. My shoulder is doing fine. You're a wonderful group of people and really did help me a lot.

--- Paul K.

Thanks for taking the time to look at Brandon's knees and give us exercise ideas.

--- Linda B.

The staff was extremely friendly and professional. Thank you!

--- Anonymous

Enjoyed the staff-very nice. I plan to keep up with exercises that I learned and will not have to return but if I do, will return here. Thanks!

--- Mercedes O.

Very professional, warm staff. Good sense of humor too. Very comfortable environment. Thank you for all your help!

--- Dorothy M.